H.E.S. specializes in the following programs:
•    Medi-Cal Eligibility.
•    DED Presumptive Eligibility Applications.
•    PRUCOL Application (full scope benefits).
•    Fair Hearing Process.
•    SSI. 
•    Victims of Crime Compensation Program.

H.E.S. has an exceptionally high rate for processing Medi-Cal applications due to our aggressive follow-up.  Our services include the following:
•    Screening patients for the correct government program.
•    Sending a field representative to the patient’s home if needed.
•    On-Site Eligibility & bedside visits.
•    Assist the patients to complete all applications & documents.
•    Appeal Medi-Cal denials and attend Fair Hearing with the patient.
•    Treatment Authorization Request (TAR).
•    Hospital In-Service Training for Staff.




Specialty Programs
•    California Children Services (CCS).
•    Genetically Handicapped Persons Program (GHPP).
•    Breast & Cervical Cancer Treatment Program (BCCTP).
•    Prostate Cancer Treatment Program (IMPACT).




H.E.S offers a wide range of services that help hospitals receive maximum reimbursement. In addition, our excellent customer service can continue to positively promote your hospital’s image within the community it services.  Since there is no cost to patients for our services, patients appreciate community hospitals offering a free Medi-Cal Eligibility Program.